Lady Million Empire Edp 2.7oz Spray

Lady Million Empire Edp 2.7oz Spray

Paco Rabanne
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Lady Million Empire perfume for women. Floral-cyprus, ultra-insolent, created by Paco Rabanne. How do you build an empire? Dictate your own rules. Reign without sharing. Power girl. Dare everything. All the time. Desire your destiny. Right now. Critics? Who cares? Diamonds? Consume them. Lady Million Empire perfume. Sparkling magnolia notes on addictive cognac. Deliciously insolent. The heady intoxication of success.

A deliciously insolent fragrance

Sparkling florals:

Magnolia, orange blossom and osmanthus

Cognac addiction:

Cognac essence, cherry plum, white patchouli and vanilla