Referral Program

Introducing our New Referral Program

This Program is designed to benefit all your Referral by offering them a $5 off coupon (with a minimum purchase of $50), while also benefiting you with a 10% commission on their purchase. So, you will be rewarded with 10% of everything your Referral purchases in our store.


  1. Give the $5 off coupon to your Referral and write your name on it or attach your business card to the coupon.
  2. Tell your Referral to give the coupon to the cashier when paying to receive the $5 off (with a minimum purchase of $50).
  3. The cashier will file the coupon discount with your information.
  4. At your request we will send you a check for the commission or if you wish you may receive a store credit.
  5. To request your commission payment please contact Or call 305-358-0680.